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A New Cemetery for Nelson

When I was a child, cemeteries always held a sense of somber grandeur to me. Today, as an adult on the far side of childhood, I live in Nelson, and I am privileged to know many of the stories associated with the people buried in our graveyards. I am also fortunate to serve as the chair of the Nelson Cemetery Board as we take the first steps toward building a new cemetery for the town.

October 8, 2021|

Community Calendar

Free COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic

November 13 @ 11:00 am - 2:30 pm

The Greater Monadnock Public Health Network is offering a COVID-19 vaccination clinic at the Nelson Town Hall

Weekly Events

Nelson Congregational Church worship service ( in person and Zoom)
Sunday 9:30. See website for more details.

Chapel By The Lake worship service
Sunday 10:00 See website for more details. 

Please go to the Town Website for schedules of committee meetings, etc.

Nelson Agricultural Commission


Musings of a Nelson Gardener

Resilience in the Garden

As I write this, too much rain is taxing my enthusiasm for my garden. For me, even under the best of circumstances, this is the most challenging time of year. I do love the arrival of fall with the changing light accompanied by cooler, crisper air. The evolving fall palette, as spectacular as it is, comes with the knowledge that my flower garden season has peaked, and I must transition to this new season.

The Blackfly Quarterly

Nelson In Common has received a generous offer of $200 for a partial sponsorship of the upcoming November issue. An additional donation of $150 will allow the issue to be fully sponsored. (Individuals or businesses may sponsor anonymously, or have the option to be recognized.

Could this be you?

For more information, contact editor@nullnelsonincommon.org

More about The Black Fly Quarterly

Nelson’s Broadband Committee is requesting your participation in this survey to gather information in support of achieving town-wide access to high-speed internet. 

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Nelson Small Talk

Experiences of Nelson in 200 words or less.

Fancy Vocabulary

In a recent edition of the Black Fly Express, our editor used the word “plethora.” It reminded me of a town meeting a number of years ago . . .

August 23, 2021|

The Brigadoon Article

To see if the town will vote to proclaim the Town of Nelson a voluntary and positive anachronism, and to authorize the Selectmen to . . .

August 12, 2021|

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Photos from the past few weeks.



The Village

When my kids were young, I remember thinking that if for some reason they suddenly found themselves all alone in the village, they would be alright. Marc and Nancy Stretch in the former May Sarton house, Dutch Gerbis out tending his lawn, Donna Kidd being mindful of her own children, Patty Packard looking out from the (now old) library, Dottie Warner in her school bus. Many watchful and caring eyes. (Memories circa 1990).


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