A Souvenir of Appreciation from the Post Office

Nelson Small Talk

On the evening of November 28, 1989 the Munsonville store burned due to a faulty ballast in one of the fluorescent lights. Inside the Munsonville Store was the Munsonville Post Office, a federal facility. Dot Hackett, the Postmistress, deputized Dave Kennard of the Harrisville Fire Department and Judi Lang of the Nelson Fire Department and tasked them with retrieving all the mail, stamps, and papers of the Post Office while the fire roared.

In appreciation of all those fighting the fire, Dot gave key chain fobs to all those fire persons fighting the fire. Each square fob has a picture of the store on one side and on the other side are the dates it was open (1887-1989), and a number for each fire fighter receiving that item.

The dated side on this key fob is visible, but the picture of the store on the other side is worn from use.

~ Judi Lang


More Nelson Small Talk

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Every year at Christmastime I am reminded of the very first Christmas we had here in Nelson. I don’t remember the exact date, but on one particular day in mid-ish December near suppertime there came a knock at the front door.

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In a recent edition of the Black Fly Express, our editor used the word “plethora.” It reminded me of a town meeting a number of years ago . . .

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To see if the town will vote to proclaim the Town of Nelson a voluntary and positive anachronism, and to authorize the Selectmen to . . .

Our First Day in Nelson

In 1977, Sam and I saw an ad in the Harvard Crimson (thank you Karen Tolman) for a camp for rent in Nelson, near a place called Tolman Pond. We had some friends in Peterborough and Hancock, so we decided to rent the cabin to get out of Cambridge in the summer.

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