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Cat Encounter

For 3 years I had an orange cat named Bob. Bob had come from an unfortunate background but he flourished here and was entertaining company. Sometimes the Warner’s big cat from just down the road, also orange and fluffy, would stop by to visit and take Bob off for an adventure. I worried but he always came home.

October 4, 2021|

The Story of the Old Library

The original Olivia Rodham Memorial Library was the inspiration of Mary Edwards Elliot, my maternal great-grandmother. it was dedicated in memory of her good friend and summertime neighbor, Olivia Rodham, a botanist and teacher at Swarthmore College.

October 4, 2021|

The Guida Property Cellar Holes, Part 2

There is a mysterious cluster of building foundations on the Guida family property in the far northwest corner of Nelson. The three foundations are a twenty-minute walk on an old wood road from Buxton’s homestead. It is much more comfortable but no quicker in Al Guida’s ATV. 

August 27, 2021|

Digging Up the Past

What was an electrical junction box doing in a early 1800's house? A morning cellar hole outing provides more questions than answers, but that doesn't discourage anyone.

August 20, 2021|

Reflections on Long Pond, also known as Nubanusit

Lake Nubanusit, which wends its way through Nelson and Hancock, is a dazzling place that warms the soul in any season. In warm weather, fishermen are drawn to its trout and small mouth bass; in winter, they walk on the lake and drop their lines through the ice.

August 3, 2021|

Roads of Nelson

I have lived in Nelson for 40 or so years, and during that time had often seen, and occasionally traveled on, Log Cabin Road. Only recently did the question pop into my mind, why is it called that?

August 2, 2021|

Eagles on Granite Lake

In the early morning, when the lake still looks like glass, I grab my camera, my dog and we jump into the canoe. We head toward the island. The hope is to capture the early morning activity of the eagles at Granite lake. In the early spring, only dark fuzz can be seen peeking out from under an adult's wing.

July 20, 2021|

Loon Affairs

We watched an adult loon desperately trying to convince its 2 little chicks to follow against the flooding waters, to swim under the road to larger Lake Skatutakee. The adult loon would coral the chicks and then dive against the current and cry its heart out to convince the chicks to follow.

July 17, 2021|

Nelson Hutchins’ Garden

Nelson Hutchins’ vegetable garden is an attention-getter as soon as one turns onto Nelson Road from Old Route 9 (Granite Lake Road). It is arguably the most pristine, well-ordered garden in Nelson

July 11, 2021|

Hay Angels

As I walked through the barn door something had changed. You know that feeling of sensing something different, maybe even alarming, but not knowing just what’s wrong.

July 5, 2021|

The Nelson Cemetery Board

Anyone who has visited any of the Nelson or Munsonville cemeteries appreciates these historic and beautiful treasures. The feeling of peace and serenity is palpable, and reading the headstone of residents who lived here more than 200 years ago is a humbling experience.

June 30, 2021|

Nelson’s Highway Department

The Nelson Highway Department has, between them, been on the road for 53 years. The similarities of these two men go beyond keeping our roads navigable. They each run haying and maple sugar operations. This requires not just having no aversion to work, but a passion for the mechanics and logistics that make it all possible.

June 10, 2021|

Fallon Smith

“I am 100 percent Nelson,” says Fallon Smith, the town’s only graduating high school senior this year.

June 7, 2021|

The Village Mailboxes

The mailboxes in the Village were in a precarious state, until an Eagle Scout candidate stepped in and managed a huge project.

May 16, 2021|


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