Cat Encounter

For 3 years I had an orange cat named Bob. Bob had come from an unfortunate background but he flourished here and was entertaining company. Sometimes the Warner’s big cat from just down the road, also orange and fluffy, would stop by to visit and take Bob off for an adventure. I worried but he always came home.

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The Story of the Old Library

The original Olivia Rodham Memorial Library was the inspiration of Mary Edwards Elliot, my maternal great-grandmother. it was dedicated in memory of her good friend and summertime neighbor, Olivia Rodham, a botanist and teacher at Swarthmore College.

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Eagles on Granite Lake

In the early morning, when the lake still looks like glass, I grab my camera, my dog and we jump into the canoe. We head toward the island. The hope is to capture the early morning activity of the eagles at Granite lake. In the early spring, only dark fuzz can be seen peeking out from under an adult's wing.

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Loon Affairs

We watched an adult loon desperately trying to convince its 2 little chicks to follow against the flooding waters, to swim under the road to larger Lake Skatutakee. The adult loon would coral the chicks and then dive against the current and cry its heart out to convince the chicks to follow.

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