Granite Lake to Nelson

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When the days get shorter, the bugs begin to disappear, and the temperatures cool, as a family we like to head into the woods. We pack our snacks and water and head out on the gravel road. Today we will be taking a back road that connects to the Monadnock Sunapee Greenway trail.

The Fredrick Law Olmsted Memorial Water Bar

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Written by by Ethan Tolman in 1995. When I was in college, and later in graduate school at MIT, in the City and Regional Planning Program, I had many opportunities to come across references to Olmstead, often called the founder of landscape design in this country. Just down the road from where I now sit is an “Olmstead” landscape design, sort of, which is unchanged over the years.  This is the story.

The Guida Property Cellar Holes, Part 2

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There is a mysterious cluster of building foundations on the Guida family property in the far northwest corner of Nelson. The three foundations are a twenty-minute walk on an old wood road from Buxton’s homestead. It is much more comfortable but no quicker in Al Guida’s ATV. 

Reflections on Long Pond, also known as Nubanusit

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Lake Nubanusit, which wends its way through Nelson and Hancock, is a dazzling place that warms the soul in any season. In warm weather, fishermen are drawn to its trout and small mouth bass; in winter, they walk on the lake and drop their lines through the ice.


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