He Perished of Cold by the Wayside

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In 1864, Jonathan Whittier moved with his family into a 60-year-old farmhouse in the southwest corner of Stoddard. In late December of 1876 the family was running low on supplies. A storm was threatening, but Whittier felt that he could walk to the Munsonville store and post office, some 3 miles distant, to get supplies and the family’s mail before the storm arrived.

A New Cemetery for Nelson

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When I was a child, cemeteries always held a sense of somber grandeur to me. Today, as an adult on the far side of childhood, I live in Nelson, and I am privileged to know many of the stories associated with the people buried in our graveyards. I am also fortunate to serve as the chair of the Nelson Cemetery Board as we take the first steps toward building a new cemetery for the town.


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