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It was the third week of July and it was still raining. The nonstop precipitation made it difficult to distinguish one storm from another, at least until the lightning strike that firmly planted this tempest into memory. The brilliant electric blue light filled the sky at precisely the same time as the deafening crash.

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A New Cemetery for Nelson

When I was a child, cemeteries always held a sense of somber grandeur to me. Today, as an adult on the far side of childhood, I live in Nelson, and I am privileged to know many of the stories associated with the people buried in our graveyards. I am also fortunate to serve as the chair of the Nelson Cemetery Board as we take the first steps toward building a new cemetery for the town.

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The Story of the Old Library

The original Olivia Rodham Memorial Library was the inspiration of Mary Edwards Elliot, my maternal great-grandmother. it was dedicated in memory of her good friend and summertime neighbor, Olivia Rodham, a botanist and teacher at Swarthmore College.

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