Cat Encounter

For 3 years I had an orange cat named Bob. Bob had come from an unfortunate background but he flourished here and was entertaining company. Sometimes the Warner’s big cat from just down the road, also orange and fluffy, would stop by to visit and take Bob off for an adventure. I worried but he always came home.

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Amphibian Meditation

It all comes back to me, out on the road at night, while the rain falls and the peepers are a wall of sound in my head. The feeling of love for these smallest of creatures, these wiggling, wriggling, wet and oh, so alive amphibians earnestly striving to fill the measure of their creation.

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The Village

When my kids were young, I remember thinking that if for some reason they suddenly found themselves all alone in the village, they would be alright. Marc and Nancy Stretch in the former May Sarton house, Dutch Gerbis out tending his lawn, Donna Kidd being mindful of her own children, Patty Packard looking out from the (now old) library, Dottie Warner in her school bus. Many watchful and caring eyes. (Memories circa 1990). These days the village is even busier,

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