Reflections on Long Pond, also known as Nubanusit

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Lake Nubanusit, which wends its way through Nelson and Hancock, is a dazzling place that warms the soul in any season. In warm weather, fishermen are drawn to its trout and small mouth bass; in winter, they walk on the lake and drop their lines through the ice.

The Village

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When my kids were young, I remember thinking that if for some reason they suddenly found themselves all alone in the village, they would be alright. Marc and Nancy Stretch in the former May Sarton house, Dutch Gerbis out tending his lawn, Donna Kidd being mindful of her own children, Patty Packard looking out from the (now old) library, Dottie Warner in her school bus. Many watchful and caring eyes. (Memories circa 1990). These days the village is even busier,


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