Memory and “Collecting Roses in Winter”

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Many years ago at a musical holiday party, I saw a tin container (housing tasty cookies) with this charming illustration by Mary Engelbreit that said: “Memory is the power to collect roses in winter” (anonymous). This image and thought has stayed in my memory ever since.

Dormancy in the Garden (and Life)

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Our gardens have gone into their quiet time, under frost, and, hopefully, snow. Nonetheless, I still find much that is interesting. Whenever I can, I go out mid-day and walk around my garden and nearby woods. I admire the puffs of snow weighing down branches, which I gently shake to reduce their load.

Garden Gratitudes

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At this time of year, my feelings are greatly influenced by Thanksgiving. By now, those who grow vegetables and fruits have likely processed them for their winter use and enjoyment. I, too, preserve for winter time. All season long, I collect flowers, leaves, seeds, grasses, twigs, branches, and rocks. ~ Linda Singer

Looking Good

By |2021-10-27T07:11:41-04:00October 25, 2021|Gardening - Linda Singer, Nelson in Common|

Fall in the garden…..there is much to say AND do. It is also the time of year to admire the plants that bloom so late in the gardening season. I know some of us calculate our dogs’ ages in human equivalents, but what of plants? I am in awe of the flowers that are simply knock-out gorgeous in September and October, after six months of holding their ground in my garden.


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