Resilience in the Garden

As I write this, too much rain is taxing my enthusiasm for my garden. For me, even under the best of circumstances, this is the most challenging time of year. I do love the arrival of fall with the changing light accompanied by cooler, crisper air. The evolving fall palette, as spectacular as it is, comes with the knowledge that my flower garden season has peaked, and I must transition to this new season.

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White Flowers

Does the universal appeal of white gardens reflect (no pun intended) on our cultural connections to that color? The color white is used in different cultures to symbolize peace, purity, mourning. Colors create moods, and white, with these meaningful associations, is particularly impactful.

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The Wonder of Springtime

Dedicated to those who are experiencing loss. This is such a powerful time of the year, yet simultaneously fragile. Spring in the garden is my favorite time of year. Year after year, I am profoundly inspired as these early plants push their way through snow, mud, and frozen ground. Somehow, they (almost) always manage to survive the setbacks typical of the season. This is such a powerful time of the year, yet simultaneously fragile.

Memories of Anne Robertson

I have lived in Nelson since Nov, 1995, and started gardening here with a few buckets of plants brought from my first garden in Chatham, NY. I inherited a beautiful garden from its prior owner, Anne Robertson. In the months prior to our move, she introduced me to some of her favorite plants, many of which were completely new to me.

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