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Fields of Nelson

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Trees … maple, pine, ash, oak, and more cover Nelson’s hills, valleys, and most of New Hampshire. After exploring (some call this bushwhacking) the woods through a blanket of green or gray-brown, depending on season, I’ll often come out onto a road, homestead, or fields. This time of year, when I come out to a field, I like to stop, breath in the scent, enjoy the sunshine, flowering grasses, the beauty of the clearing, and hopefully a view.

Nelson’s Sheep Farmers

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Imagine the hillsides in Nelson with few trees, and with stone walls and pasture as far as the eye can see. Continue on this daydream and now see sheep, lots of sheep, roughly 7,000 sheep. The year is about 1836. Sheep farming is still a thing here. Read about Nelson's sheep farmers today.

A Macro Look at Microgreens

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If I was going to try growing microgreens, I needed to decide what to use as a base, coir mats like Linda or soil like Gourmet Greens, a business I visited in Vermont years ago when I was thinking of adding a hoop house to extend our growing season. I suppose it’s all about preference and what you have available. I do like the idea of composting the seed-starting mix with the microgreen roots.


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