Nelson Congregational Church Food Pantry

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For those among us who find these rising costs becoming prohibitively high – making the purchase of extra groceries or gifts particularly challenging, I would like to encourage you to take advantage in the coming weeks of the Nelson Food Shelf located at Nelson Congregational Church. In addition to providing basic staple items, the Food Shelf is also able to provide gifts cards to nearby grocery stores that can be used for any food items you would like or need. 

Eagles on Granite Lake

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In the early morning, when the lake still looks like glass, I grab my camera, my dog and we jump into the canoe. We head toward the island. The hope is to capture the early morning activity of the eagles at Granite lake. In the early spring, only dark fuzz can be seen peeking out from under an adult's wing.

Downloadable Books at the Library

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What would Olivia think? “She was a woman possessed of intense curiosity.” (Robins Millbank, from his biography of Olivia Rodham, for whom the Nelson Library is named. ) We can’t know for certain what she would have made of ebooks, magazines, etc. but if you read her inspiring story, you might suspect that she would be excited about reading and learning in any form.


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