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The Granite Lake Association will hold its 72nd Annual Meeting on Saturday, July 17, at 10 AM on the shores of Granite Lake at Sandy Beach, courtesy of the Sandy Beach Association.  The meeting will be held outdoors once again this year due to Covid-19.

The guest speaker with will be Chris Martin, NH Audubon raptor biologist, who will speak about the Bald Eagle population recovery efforts and their interactions with loons and other wildlife.  Granite Lake has been home to a pair of mature eagles since 2018, and as of this March they are back on the nest at the island.  While the lake is still home to loons, they have not nested since the eagles took up residence directly above the loons’ nesting area.  We hope to understand more about the interaction of the eagles and loons and if we can hope to see the loons return to their nesting location on the island. \  Bring your field glasses as you will have a bird’s eye view of the nest from Sandy Beach.

The Granite Lake Association was formed in 1949 by a group of people to promote recreational activities and to preserve the natural resources of the area. The island is owned by the GLA, is open to members of the association, and is preserved by the GLA in its natural state.  Membership is open to all owners (and their families) of property situated around the lake including those in the watershed of the lake and in the environs of Munsonville Village.

Please visit the GLA’s website ( for information about the lake and boating regulations, our by-laws, how to join, to explore our picture gallery, and to read our annual newsletters.