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The Old Library’s  final art show of the season features work of woodworker Franz Feige, potter Amy Whitney, and painter Sienna Merrifield Giffin.

Franz Feige (Antrim)

I am looking back at 35 years of experience working with wood, a passion that was born in the woods of New Hampshire. While I have been interested in many areas of woodworking, including teaching, I am always returning to the wooden vessel as my main interest — turned, carved, sculpted, and band-sawn. I love both functional pieces as well as those emphasizing beauty and imagination as objects of art. I am particularly happy when function and artistic endeavor come together. On display at this exhibit there will be a wide range of pieces, small too large: bowls for various uses, boxes, pencil/brush holders, spoons, candle holders as well those that are primarily art objects.

Amy Whitney (Nelson)

In the 1970”s I decided to become a production potter. I made functional ware, pots for the table and high fired them in either gas, wood and salt kilns. All the work was created on the potters wheel, the glazes were straight forward, applied by dipping and pouring and primarily earth tones, browns, grays, deep blues. After many years of experimentation in high fire, I found a more satisfying process for my creative work. I switched to low fire, electric kilns, a more environmentally sensitive and stable way to reach the final product. I adopted the maiolica (often referred to as majolica) glazing techniques of European countries; Portugal, Spain and France. And this is the type of work I am producing today. I still use the potters wheel sometimes, but not always. I often find myself hand building the entire pot or sculpting special knobs for very simple pots. I love color. I paint with color stains, inlaying them into the base glaze. I am more of a painter than a potter these days but both artistic endeavors fulfill my desire to capture a little bit of beauty.

Sienna Merrifield Giffin (Nelson)

Sienna will be exhibiting some of her latest work.