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The Nelson Conservation Commission has chosen the week from April 23 to April 30 for Nelson Roadside Clean Up Week. Participants can stop by in front of the Library on April 23rd, from 9:30 to 11:00 am to pick up bags and gloves and to choose which road or section of road you will do. You can do the cleanup anytime during the week. If you aren’t able to stop by on Saturday morning, feel free to send an email with your road preference and the names of all who will be participating to, or call 603-847-9785.

Full trash bags and large items can be left on the side of the road and our road agent will pick them up. We would love to have pictures of townspeople cleaning up roadside trash, or pictures of strange or unusual finds. Please send pictures to

As a token of gratitude, in the fall, the Nelson Conservation Commission will give all participants a bag of about ten daffodil bulbs to plant in their yard or along the road.


Contact Kathy Schillemat, Chair, Nelson Conservation Commission