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Guest Speaker

Dr. Amanda (Murby) McQuaid is the Director of the UNH Lakes Lay Monitoring Program with a joint appointment as the State Specialist in Ecotoxicology and an Associate Professor for UNH Cooperative Extension. Amanda previously worked with NHDES as the Beach and Cyanobacteria Program Coordinator in the Watershed Management Bureau. Her expertise is in lake ecology with a focus on cyanobacteria, toxicity and plankton dynamics. She supports citizen science and outreach regarding lake water quality issues and harmful algal/ cyanobacterial bloom monitoring. Amanda is very excited to work with volunteer monitors on lakes this summer!

Other Agenda Items

  • Salutation and Call to Order Bob Maden
  • Pledge of Allegiance Bob Maden
  • Secretary’s Report Sally Ripley, Secretary
  • Speaker: “Cyanobacteria in NH Lakes” Amanda McQuaid
  • Remembrances Bob Maden
  • GLA Annual Reports: Treasurer’s Reports Tom Newcombe,
    • Treasurer Membership Report Joann Bartolotta
    • Lake Host Report Sharon O’Brien-Iagulli/Patty Maden
    • Water Quality Report Tom Newcombe
    • AED / CPR Training 2022 Bob England
    • Nominating Committee Nick Nicoletti and Judy Walton
      • President Derek Walton
      • Vice President Damian Largier
      • Officer at Large Mitch Greenwald
      • Treasurer Tom Newcombe Secretary Sally Ripley

New Business:

  • Bob Maden Approval of AED/CPR training costs
  • Date for 2023 annual meeting
  • Donations to Chapel by the Lake for meeting space
  • Transfer of Money to Water Quality Fund, in memory of Phil Hamilton