Fibercast has acquired assets of old Pine Tree Cable which gave us the pole licenses so they can build fiber optic broadband in Nelson and surrounding towns. This process has already begun in Stoddard and Munsonville.

They currently have built out fiber the following roads and will be working on others as there is enough interest:

– Murdough Hill Rd.
– Henderson Rd.
– Center Pond Rd.
– Hardy Hill Rd.
– Tolman Pond Rd. (between Nelson & Cabot)
– Cabot Rd.
– Nelson Rd. (between Tolman Pond & Harrisville town line)
– Murdough Hill Rd.  (between Henderson & Granite Lake)
– Town Hall area (the Village)
– Old Stoddard (up to house# 108)

Currently working on:

– Log Cabin Rd.
– Lead Mine Rd.

There also be a little extension on Nelson side of Apple Hill as they work on the Sullivan side.

Website to get info or place an order:

Editors Note: We have requested similar information from Consolidated Communications regarding their fiber strategy, and that information will be published here when it becomes available.