Partridge Woods hike, led by Kathy Schillemat

It was a crisp, blue sky day with temps starting out at about 12 degrees.  We started at the Brickyard parking lot, climbed Hurd Hill and took the Ridge Trail to Osgood. We came back via Kulish/Link/Wheeler and Ethan’s way.

The group was very enthusiastic about the beauty of the trails and appreciated the views that we had cut looking toward the village and toward Nubanusit Lake. Rick Church shared information about the blueberry restoration on Hurd Hill and the Wheeler cellar hole. We talked about all the different names for Osgood Hill: Nelson Pinnacle, Blacktop, City Hill.

We met two other parties as well. They liked the views, the varied terrain and the trail siting. Many wished their towns had groups like the Nelson Trails Committee.

Note: at 2240 feet, Osgood Hill is the second highest peak in Cheshire County – the first of course being Mt. Monadnock. 

Tracks identified:

  • bobcat
  • fox
  • snowshoe hare
  • deer
  • squirrel
  • Bigfoot (no, but just seeing if you’re paying attention)