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The Lake Host Program

Clean water, happy wildlife, and stable property values depend on a healthy lake, free of invasive species. The NH LAKES Lake Host Program is the first line of defense in keeping our lakes free of invasive plants and animals.

Through this nationally-recognized aquatic invasive species education and prevention program, each summer hundreds of individuals trained as Lake Hosts inspect boats, trailers, and gear for hitchhiking plants and animals. They teach thousands of boaters each year about Clean, Drain & Dry method for aquatic invasive species prevention.

Since 2002, our Lake Hosts have conducted over one-million courtesy boat inspections and have made nearly 1,600 ‘saves’ of invasive species that had just hitchhiked out of a lake or were about to be launched into a lake. The number of additional ‘saves’ Lake Hosts have contributed to by inspiring boaters to always Clean, Drain, & Dry their boat trailer and gear, even when a Lake Host isn’t at the launch to help, is immeasurable!

Help with our Nelson Lakes


The Nubanusit Lake Associates, NLA, is looking to hire Full and/or part time Lake Hosts for this summer.  We staff the boat landing in Hancock 8 hours a day Friday-Monday Memorial Day through July 4 and 7 days a week from July 4- Labor Day.  Pay is $10.50 an hour and training is paid and T-shirts and hats are provided.  Lake Hosts must be 18 years old and be able to work independently.  All arriving and departing boaters are greeted and offered a complimentary inspection of their boats and trailers to try to eliminate the transfer of Aquatic Invasive Species between water bodies.  Last year we inspected over 4500 boats at the Hancock Boat Ramp.

Contact Janet Yardley, Program Coordinator


 Granite Lake

Granite Lake Association Lake Host Program is looking for volunteers to offer courtesy boat inspections to incoming boaters on weekdays, Monday – Friday, between 6am to 6pm for a 2-hour slot.  NH LAKES Lake Host Training requires approximately two-hours of on-line training.

Please call or e-mail our Lake Host Coordinators for more information and available time slots.


Sharon O’Brien-Iagulli   617-784-2275

Patty Maden  860-324-8059

All volunteers get a cool Lake Host t-shirt and hat!




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