Spring symbolizes new beginnings and as this is my very first column for Nelson In Common, I thought I would introduce you to my absolute favorite spring flavor: lemon.  My brothers and I  could smell the sweet and zesty aroma wafting from my mom’s  kitchen as she made lemon cordial in copious quantities so we could drink it through the entire summer. When our mother had finished straining the cordial, we used to sneak the soaked peels and munch on the sweet/ sour  candylike treat. What better way to prepare for the upcoming sweltering summer days than to whip up a batch of lemon cordial ready for drinking.

In a large bowl place the following

5.5 lbs. sugar

1 oz. tartaric acid

3 oz. citric acid

The peel of 9 lemons

Cut lemons in half and squeeze as much juice as you can from them and add to ingredients

Now add 3.5 pints (7 cups) of boiling water


Once you have added the boiling water, stir until the sugar has dissolved. Place in the refrigerator overnight and then strain through a fine sieve.  Pour into nice, sterilized bottles   I like to collect interesting shaped clear bottles for my cordials.  A good tight-fitting cap is a must.  Refrigerate once opened.   This cordial can be kept refrigerated for approximately 3 months.


Cordial is diluted to taste. Use as a simple syrup on your freshly baked vanilla cake.