Maple Sugaring

When spring comes to New Hampshire

I can’t help but remember the sweet

Aroma of hot pure maple syrup,

And the feel of the steam rising

From the boiling sap in the pans.

The peaceful sound of the crackling fire.

Sitting with my dad in the sugar house

Sharing a quiet conversation.

~ Chris Blaudschun

This poem was written by Chris when he was in 4th grade, as a submission to a Robert Frost poetry contest. That was a while ago – Chris now has children of his own. But the poem remains relevant, and we publish it with his permission. 

Message from a Bottle

We get our maple syrup
From a store in a bottle
Don’t blame me for being lazy
I can fix ne’er phone nor throttle

They say to get one part syrup
You need sixteen parts sap
That seems like a lot of boiling
Lucky there are woods to tap

I try to avoid misty eyed wonder
About the charms of yesteryear
And thank my lucky beans
I need not brew my own beer.

~ John Wengler