I was lucky enough, in the late 1960s, to spend five summers at Camp Notre Dame on Granite Lake, first as a camper, then as a counselor. Walks to the Munsonville store were always a favorite activity. Campers could spend their precious Canteen coupons on candy, sodas, ice cream, and maybe stamps for that obligatory letter home. Counselors (especially those from the New York area) were astonished at the tax-free price of cigarettes (we should have known better, but still, it was a rite of passage). The pay phone also came in handy – one of my counselor friends had an elaborate system set up with her boyfriend involving person-to-person collect- calls. One day when she could not get to the store at the appointed time, she sent me off with a coded message. I think it worked.

I am still lucky enough to take that walk every summer (thanks to Sharon Iagulli’s hospitality). And every time I do, I smile remembering how much fun we had at the Munsonville store.

~ Grace Palladino
Bethesda, Maryland