I remember the Munsonville store with great fondness.  When I was a little girl and my family would spend time at our cottage on Silver
Lake, we would sometimes travel to the Munsonville store for supplies.

My father always called it “The Baseball Store” so that’s how I’ve always referred to it still to this day.  My memory of why it was
called the Baseball Store is a bit fuzzy though.  Something about the owner used to play for the Red Sox?  And/or there used to be baseballs hanging off the ceiling?

It was always a fun trip from Harrisville through the village of Nelson, and then over Murdough Hill to the store.  I loved the village
of Nelson and thought I might like to live there when I grew up. Guess what?  Now I do!  So I suppose you could say the Baseball Store
is the reason I now live in Nelson!

~ Sarah Wilson