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About Linda Singer:

I am an avid gardener in love with plants. My favorite gardens have a free, spontaneous feeling. Some of my earliest childhood memories have included nature walks and collecting common wildflowers. When I garden, I try to capture the feelings of those discoveries. I am fortunate to have a life partner, Greg Rothman, who has wholeheartedly supported my gardening interests, along with all the work that accompanies these endeavors. He is a true “enabler”. I am “drawn” to the soil and thoroughly enjoy the process of planting and watching nature. I think gardens are an extension of the gardener, and I look forward to sharing “me” with you.

The Wonder of Springtime

By |April 17, 2021|

Dedicated to those who are experiencing loss. This is such a powerful time of the year, yet simultaneously fragile. Spring in the garden is my favorite time of year. Year after year, I am profoundly inspired as these early plants push their way through snow, mud, and frozen ground. Somehow, they (almost) always manage to survive the setbacks typical of the season. This is such a powerful time of the year, yet simultaneously fragile.

Memories of Anne Robertson

By |March 24, 2021|

I have lived in Nelson since Nov, 1995, and started gardening here with a few buckets of plants brought from my first garden in Chatham, NY. I inherited a beautiful garden from its prior owner, Anne Robertson. In the months prior to our move, she introduced me to some of her favorite plants, many of which were completely new to me.

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