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A Macro Look at Microgreens

If I was going to try growing microgreens, I needed to decide what to use as a base, coir mats like Linda or soil like Gourmet Greens, a business I visited in Vermont years ago when I was thinking of adding a hoop house to extend our growing season. I suppose it’s all about preference and what you have available. I do like the idea of composting the seed-starting mix with the microgreen roots.

By |December 4, 2021|

Back to the Roots

The season of long lasting squash and root vegetables has arrived. This time of year I always wish I had a root cellar. The Nelson Library has a book called Root Cellaring: Natural Cold Storage of Fruits & Vegetables by Mike and Nancy Bubel. In a corner of the cover in a white multi-pointed star it says “Keep your produce ‘Harvest-Fresh’ in your own basement, porch, garage or closet hideaway!”

By |November 7, 2021|

September Reflections and Looking Ahead

Growing food is rewarding and is never the same year to year. It can also be frustrating when the weather or pests dash your dreams. And what to do when fruits and vegetables mature all at once. The choice is give the extra away, let it rot or put it by.

By |September 11, 2021|

Seed Catalog 2020 – ­2021

High Mowing Seeds &
Nelson Growers Donations


  • Kentucky Wonder Pole – 7 pkg/20 seeds
  • Provider Bush – 4 pkg/21 seeds
  • Northeaster Pole – 5 pkg/20 seeds


  • Cylindra – 6 pkg/44 seeds
  • Detroit Dark Red – 5 pkg/34 seeds
  • Touchstone Gold – 5 pkg/20 seeds


  • Spring Broccoli Raab – 8 pkg/30 seeds
  • Belstar – 3 pkg/14 seeds
  • DeCicco – 6 pkg/35 seeds


  • Red Express – 13 pkg/34 seeds
  • Chinese – 6 pkg/1/2 tsp


  • Red Cored Chantenay – 8 pkg/50 seeds
  • Dragon -­‐ 7 pkg/50 seeds
  • Napoli – 10 pkg/50 seeds
  • Yellowstone – 7 pkg/35 seeds


  • Fordhook Giant – 5 pkg/24 seeds
  • Orange – 4 pkg/24 seeds
  • Rainbow Blend – 6 pkg/24 seeds


  • Georgia – 7 pkg/24 seeds


  • Allure Sweet – 5 pkg/14 seeds
  • Top Hat – 4 pkg/47 seeds
  • Dorinny Sweet – 3 pkg/24 seeds
  • Tuxana Sweet – 6 pkg/24+ seeds


  • National Pickling – 15 pkg/12 seeds
  • Green Finger – 6 pkg/6 seeds
  • Marketmore x English – 9 pkg/12 seeds


  • Black Beauty – 17pkg/17 seeds


  • Ironman – 8 pkg/30 seeds
  • Red Russian – 14 pkg/30 seeds


  • Alto – 3 pkg/21 seeds


  • Hales Best Cantaloupe – Gone
  • Cantaloupe – 4 pkg/13 seeds
  • Sugar Baby Watermelon – 2 pkg/13 seeds


  • Mammoth Melting Snow – Gone


  • Bangles Blend Sweet – 7 pkg/10 seeds
  • King of the North Sweet – Gone
  • Sishito (mildly spicy) – 9 pkgs/10 seeds


  • Baby Pam Pie – 10 pkg/5 seeds


  • China Rose – 5 pkg/1/8 tsp


  • Blue Hubbard – 10 pkg/10 seeds
  • Straightneck Summer – 9 pkg/5 seeds
  • Spaghetti Winter – 4 pkg/5 seeds
  • Ronde de Nice Zucchini – 4 pkg/10 seeds


  • Renegade – 3 pkg/10 seeds


  • Brandywine – 3 pkg/12 seeds
  • San Marzano – 1 pkg/12 seeds
  • Matt’s Wild Cherry – 4 pkg/12 seeds


  • Purple Top White Globe – 1 pkg/30 seeds


  • Astro Arugula – 5 pkg/1-­‐2g
  • High Mowing Blend Mesclun – 3pkg
  • Black Seeded Simpson – 10 pkg/ 1/32tsp
  • Gourmet Blend Lettuce – 9 pkg/ 1/16 tsp
  • Tat Soi Asian Green – 4 pkg/ 1/16 tsp
  • Wrinkled Crinkled Cress – 4 pkg/ 1/16 tsp
  • Endive, Batavian Full Heart – 2 pkg/1/8 tsp


  • Dill – 28 pkg/1 tsp
  • Sweet Thai Basil – Gone
  • Genovese Basil – 3 pkg/ 1/16 tsp
  • Red Giant Mustard – 6 pkg/ 1/32 tsp
  • Tokyo Bekana Mustard – 7 pkg/ 1/16 tsp
  • Cilantro – 13 pkg/1 tsp

The Nelson Seed Catalog

The Olivia Rodham Memorial Library is home to a seed catalog (an inventory of seeds) sponsored by the Agricultural Commission.  The catalog (which got emptied last year due to vigorous gardening) has been replenished with seeds from High Mowing Seeds.

The Ag Com is adding new seeds, and an updated list will be available early February.

We encourage you to save seed and will assist you with planning your garden so you can save seed that will grow true (you’ll get the same type of plant year after year).

When you’ve reserved enough seed for next year’s garden,  please consider sharing seed with the Library for your neighbors. And if you’d like some seeds from this year’s supply, stop by the Library during open hours, or call 603-847-3214 our friendly librarian to make arrangements.

Below you’ll find information about growing, saving seeds, and donating your surplus.

Questions? Contact

Planting and Growing Your Garden

Once you have your seeds, check out:

Seed Saving

Before we have a killing frost (could be early September to mid October), you might want to look around your garden to see if there are seeds you can save. Here are a few seed saving links:

What To Do With Seeds Once You Have Them

If you have saved seeds and would like to share some with the Library seed catalog, please

The purpose of the Nelson Agricultural Commission is to raise awareness of agriculture’s role in improving the quality of life in Nelson. The Commission will function as a resource for producers and consumers alike, by providing valuable information on relevant topics, and by advocating for small, local producers. The values of the Agricultural Commission are

  • Sustainable local production

  • Small-scale, appropriate techniques

  • Community enterprise

  • Local economy

“…the tradition of using the land resource for agricultural production is an essential factor in providing for the favorable quality of life in the state.”

New Hampshire RSA 672:1



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