Greetings from Nelson Congregational Church!  The holiday season is certainly upon us, and as we prepare to enjoy our favorite holiday traditions in the company of family and friends, for most of us this will involve lots and lots of eating!  Unfortunately in addition to the many other challenges that Covid has presented us, rising food costs are now among those challenges.  I’m certain that all of us have noticed as we check out at the grocery that we are now paying a lot more money for the same amount of food.

For those among us who find these rising costs becoming prohibitively high – making the purchase of extra groceries or gifts particularly challenging – I would like to encourage you to take advantage in the coming weeks of the Nelson Food Pantry located at Nelson Congregational Church. In addition to providing basic staple items, the Food Pantry is also able to provide gifts cards to nearby grocery stores that can be used for any food items you would like or need.  The Food Pantry is open to everyone with no paperwork needed!

We would also like to take this opportunity to ask for your feedback and suggestions for ways we might better offer support to this community.  We are honestly finding that the Food Pantry is rarely visited, and so we would genuinely like to know how we can make this resource more accessible to you, or hear suggestions for other kinds of support that might be more useful.  Would delivery of food, different kinds of food, or different hours make the Food Pantry more helpful?  Would fuel or food gift cards be more needed?  Please let us know your thoughts so we can figure out together the best ways to help support those of you in our community who could use a leg up.  If you have thoughts to share, call the church office at 847-3280, email us at, or text the pastor at 978-473-2577.

Peace and blessing to you all this holiday season!

Rev. Eliot Fay, Pastor

Nelson Congregational Church
830 Nelson Road