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Edie Drinkwater

The Select Board and the Town of Nelson owe a deep debt of gratitude to our Administrative Assistant, Edie Drinkwater, for her tireless work in securing a series of grants that have resulted in large amounts of money for our town.  These grants were in combination with available funds from ARPA, Special Highway Block Grants, Special Locality Grants, as well as pending FEMA funds.  This money was not easy to come by and consumed a great amount of her time to secure.  Many towns left money on the table as the process was daunting. Funds have been secured for the following needed projects, which will now not require taxpayer  funding:

$93,018.71 in ARPA funds (state and county)

A large chunk of this money ($52,506) is being used to redo the heating and cooling systems in the Town offices, Town Hall, and Library.  All buildings will have heat pump source heating and cooling with an entirely new propane back-up support system.  This project is currently in process and will be completed this fall.

In addition to the grants above, the Town has just received $36,962.94 for the Highway Department that can be used for any project they choose.  This, coupled with $7,849.53 left over from a reserve account from a previous special Highway Grant, and the remaining $40,512.71 in ARPA funds, brings the grand total to $85,325.18.  We anticipate this will be enough to replace the 24-year old Dodge truck currently in need of extensive repairs.  This will be at no cost to the taxpayers.

In addition, $21,000 (not yet in hand but expected soon) for Bridge Repair can be used for any of the three State-designated bridges in town.

We have just received the following funds from the Locality Grant Funding:

$4,554 for Fire Chief and Deputy Fire Chief gear

$9,150 for radios for the Fire Department

$2,205 for a computer/server for the Police Department

$7,887 for gear for new members of the Fire Department

$22,212 (not yet in hand but expected soon) for Jaws of Life for the Fire Department

And two additional grants are still pending final review.

This is truly a whopping sum of money for such a small town!  The Select Board wanted the citizens of  Nelson to know what has been received and how fortunate we are to have it.  Without Edie’s commitment to our town, we would never have received these funds.  It was a slow and painful process but one which paid off tremendously for us in the end.  Thank you, Edie.

~ Brenna Kucinski, Chair, Nelson Select Board

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  1. Val Van Meier September 14, 2022 at 7:16 am - Reply

    Living in the village, I see Edie’s car parked outside the town office long before the office opens to the public, she puts in long hours of work. Thank you Edie!

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