Nelson In Common Update July 7, 2021

We’ll start with a few reminders of upcoming events. Most important, next Tuesday is the day for town elections, with voting taking place in the Town Hall from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Nelson Town Offices and Candidates for 2021. 

Town Meeting ~ a wood engraving by Fran Tolman

The following Saturday brings us to town meeting: Click here for details. 

As it turns out that Saturday is also the day for the Granite Lake Association Annual Meeting; this is the traditional date for that meeting, whereas our Town Meeting is usually held in March.

Finally, as a warm up to either of those meetings, consider starting your day with Breakfast at the Chapel By The Lake.

click highlighted text for more info on each event

While the region is starting to see a comeback of live music events, there are still many virtual offerings, as the lead time to produce concerts made it difficult to know what would be possible by now. This includes the Apple Hill Center for Chamber Music, which is offering a series of Tuesday Night Concerts. So, vote and then catch a concert – what could be better!

There will be a live music event in the evening of the day of town meeting. Taking advantage of the fact that the Common will have a tent set up, Maury Collins is organizing a Nelson Coffeehouse (typically an event held during Old Home Week, which is not happening this year). Read more about that, including how you can participate.

Hay Wagon at Merriconn, 1940s.

Hay has been on our mind. Even those of us without hay-dependent animals are tuned into the season, often seeing (or sometimes slowly following) hay wagons driving around. We know the hay-makers, and are curious how the weather impacts the harvest. This year it was so dry (until just recently), which diminished the quality and quantity of the crop. Some farmers noted disappointment only in the naturally drier fields, others said it was down all around. In any case, it turned out to be much like the maple sugar harvest: not as good a it should be.

More on hay in Nelson (click to read)

Rick Church as written a charming story about a magical hay delivery.

In 1957 Renn Tolman wrote an account of haying at Tolman Pond (now published on the Nelson History website.

Tractors are of course an essential part of haying and other farm chores, and many other aspects of country living. We know that there are an abundance of tractors throughout Nelson, and we also know that Nelson has a reputation as the contra dance capital of the world. What we don’t think has happened yet is an attempt at tractor square dancing. This is a real thing, and we hold this out as a teaser for someone to organize and present. Most of the places where this has occurred are in the midwest; one challenge here in Nelson would be finding a large enough area that was not a hill (perhaps the ball field). Check out this video, and let us know if you think we could do something like this here. ~

On The Side

This was the Solstice Sunrise from Fletcher Hill. Click on the image to see it full size – beautiful!

~ Photo by Kathy Schillemat


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