Nelson in Common Weekly Update 040721

Welcome to the official launch of this website, which celebrates and promotes the community of Nelson and Munsonville. The best way to find out more is to simply explore this website,  but here is a short overview.

This organization started in 2009 under the name Moving In Step,  a community-building nonprofit 501(c)(3). That organization had sponsored a number of worthy projects over the years, but except for the busy trails committee, had be come less active. As we saw the need to revitalize, it was apparent that a new and more descriptive name would be in order. Nelson In Common is a registered trade name (DBA) under the original Moving In Step (so the nonprofit status is retained). More information can be found on our About page.

Coincidentally, it turned out that the Grapevine 2 (a quarterly print newsletter underwritten by the Nelson Congregational Church) had reached the end of its sustainability. There was a general feeling that a re-branding of the newsletter was in order, and Nelson In Common could be in a good position to manage this, since we are already collecting community information for this website, as well as the revitalized weekly e-newsletter, now called The Black Fly Express. Sticking with the theme, the new print publication will be The Black Fly Quarterly.

So, with the three pronged approach of website, e-newsletter and print newsletter, we will endeavor not just to keep people informed about what’s going on in Nelson and Munsonville, but to provide additional resources and delights, such as a monthly gardening column from Linda Singer, occasional repostings from the Nelson History website, and updates from various community organizations. Again, exploring this site is the best way to learn more. That said, this remains a work in progress, and we look forward to your suggestions and ideas.

One thing you’ll see as you explore now are several placeholder graphics for potential advertising. We’ve noticed that most of the newsletters from surrounding towns offer this. It provides an opportunity for local businesses promote their services, allows for some all-important revenue to offset costs, and perhaps most important, provides some additional community texture. [Learn More About Advertising Opportunities]. Our intention is to make sure all advertising is tasteful and locally relevant.

We like to think of this as the tip of the iceberg. Nelson In Common, like this website which represents us, is a work in progress. We will be informed and evolve with your input and participation. The value and importance of community is stronger than ever, and we are excited about the future.

Gordon Peery ~ President
Dave Birchenough ~Treasurer
Candyce Fulford ~ Secretary
Rick Church
Maury Collins
Kathy Schillemat
Susan Hansel
Karen Hersey

Nelson Common Board of Directors

You can participate

Consider a contribution to Nelson Small Talk (200 words or less about some special Nelson experience).

Send ideas for an article you’d like to see or write.

Send photos – nature, buildings, country roads

Also send in photos of your pets, or wildlife (see Animals of Nelson) .

Make a donation! Your contribution is tax deductible, and will allow Nelson In Common to move forward on solid footing.


We look forward to the future.

Moon over Holt Hill - Spencer Peery

Moon over Holt Hill – Spencer Peery

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