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Nelson Memorial Day was anticipated to be a special time this year. Though the traditional Nelson Town Band  concert in front of the Town Hall was not possible, people were still planning to gather there, and (accompanied by the Town’s fire trucks), make the trek up the hill. Members of the band were planning to play just a couple of numbers, and there would be remarks by Chris Owen, pastor of the Nelson Congregational Church. We are all yearning to see each other, and so it was particularly sad that the weather  resulted in cancelling the event.

Thankfully, Chris was able to record his remarks, and we have provided a video backdrop featuring photos from the Munsonville and Nelson Cemeteries. We hope watching this (about 5 minutes) will be interesting and meaningful.

As we honor those who made the supreme sacrifice, we remind ourselves of the fundamental civic duty to vote.

New Hampshire law requires that the Supervisors of the Checklist verify the checklist every ten years. Any person on the checklist who has not voted in the past four years must re-register to remain on the checklist. The Supervisors are sending notification letters to these voters at the address the voter provided when registering.

The supervisors of the Checklist for the town of Nelson will hold 2 sessions for re-registering voters who have not voted since April 1, 2017. Also, they will be accepting applications for new voter registration, requests for the correction of the checklist, and or change of political party affiliation.

The first session is this Thursday, June 3rd. If that is a bit short notice, there is another session scheduled for July 19th.

Click here for more details. 

It’s amazing how much “what goes around comes around” happens in our small town. If you’ve been spending time on this website you’ve probably run across Linda Singer’s monthly Musings of a Nelson Gardener.

And if you’re a Nelson gardener yourself, particularly if you’ve been here for a while, you might remember Anne Robertson, an amazing gardener who wrote regular columns for the Grapevine, and also published a book, which is still available in the Olivia Rodham Memorial Library.

But what is quite amazing and wonderful is that Linda, and her husband Greg, bought the Robertson’s house – quite a while ago now – and Linda has taken the gardens there to a new level (it is a perpetual work in progress). So there is continuity, not just with the garden, but in writing about it.

Speaking of the Grapevine, while we’ve been putting the word out, this also serves as a reminder that while the Grapevine has ceased publication (after many dedicated decades), the community will now be served by The Black Fly Quarterly (published by Nelson In Common). If you have been receiving the Grapevine in the mail, then you can expect to see the first issue of the Quarterly mid June. If you have not been a Grapevine subscriber, you can subscribe to The Black Fly Quarterly here. There is no charge, though it is costly to produce and mail, so donations are very welcome. Most of the content which will appear in the Quarterly will also show up on this website, but we know that many people still like to hold paper and read.

As always, we thank you, are readers, for your involvement, your ideas, and contributions. Keep in touch!

On the Side

In case you missed it earlier, here is a contribution the Nelson Town Band made to last year’s (2020) otherwise uncelebrated Memorial Day in Nelson. In addition to video footage from previous years, some members of the band went to the cemetery to honor the occasion with Taps.


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