A New Date for Old Home Day

Water FightLast week we enthusiastically announced details about Nelson Old Home Day. As it turns out, in part due to the celebration having been in hiatus for two years, there was a miscommunication in reserving the town facilities for the date, and there was already a private function scheduled for the Town Hall for that Saturday. Fortunately, we were able to pivot to August 6, retaining most, if not all, of the people and events that had been scheduled.

Of course information will be regularly updated here, but meanwhile you can safely mark your calendars for this date. Notice that the Song Circle that was originally scheduled for the Town Hall before the dance has been moved to the night before (Friday, August 5), and the double-billed concert of Paul Klemperer / Raphael Popper-Keizer holds its place at Friday, August 19.

Anyone interested in helping out, particularly with the busy morning activities, please contact Elaine Giacomo, elainegiacomo@nullyahoo.com  

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Party of the Sun

Hymns Forgot

Nelson musician Ethan McBrien shares a new recording.

This video captures images and landscapes that inspired the new Party of the Sun song “Hymns Forgot.” It was produced by Rory Hurley.

Close to Home at Tolman Pond

Karen Tolman left such a rich legacy to our town, including books of her poetry, which are available at the Library.

Here’s a selection for the season.

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