Watching Over the Cemetery

When our forebears started burying their family members in the Nelson Cemetery, they may not have wondered what the place would be like almost 250 years later. Since that was also the site of the early village and the first meetinghouse, it is likely that the land was substantially cleared. Did anyone have a vision that someday towering trees would grow back and provide both majestic beauty, and also a threat to the gravestones? The Nelson Cemetery Board has begun to meet the challenge of proper tree management.  See what they’ve embarked on .  .  .  

Bev and Blueberry Pie

Bev Largier gives us a tantalizing teaser involving pickled walnuts, from her days in Surrey, England, before jumping into a recipe ripe for the moment: Blueberry Pie. Actually, it involves more than blueberries. Put on your apron and dig in .  .  .

Striving for a Safer Town

Nelson’s Fire Department has evolved quite a lot over the years, and new techniques and technologies make it always a work-in-progress. We dropped in on the crew and found no shortage of enthusiasm and information. See what they’re up to .  .  .

Where’s the Game?

All of the Old Home Day activities are in the village (outside or in a building right there), except for the highly anticipated softball game. Organizer John Wengler has been fielding (as it were) questions about where exactly is the game, as it has been a long time since there was one there.  Google Maps is not likely (yet) to be aware of this, but this information should get you there. It’s actually within walking distance of the Village.

  1. Take Old Stoddard Road.
  2. Go to the Nelson Town Barn just east of town center.
  3. Pull into the drive to the right side of the Town Barn.
  4. Keep following the utility road past all the trucks, piles of stuff, and the sand and salt sheds.
  5. About 100 yards in, you will have arrived at your destination.

If you have any questions, please contact John  at 603-425-3118 or

See the full schedule for Old Home Day, Saturday, August 6