Munsonville Market Day

ANTIQUES ROADSHOW is a popular PBS show that’s part adventure, part history lesson, and part treasure hunt! Do you have an antique or other old item you’re curious about? Dan Yelin is our local Keene expert on all types of antiques and old, unique items – from postcards and photos to lamps, furniture and linens, and everything in between. He’ll be at Munsonville Market Day, Saturday, August 13 from 11 a.m. until 12 noon (note, the day starts at 9 a.m., and features many other cool things). Bring something you’ve been wondering about, and Dan will offer insights into its potential value, how and when it may have been used in the past, and whether or not you have a real treasure! (To give you a preview, we found this mysterious coin when renovating our house, and I’m so excited to hear more about it!) Your attic may be 115 degrees, but now’s the time to dig through the pile of clutter up there… You might just stumble upon a hidden treasure! (Only one carryable item per person please!)

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Old Home Day’s Great Success

The data says it all: the Nelson Congregational Church’s Chicken Barbecue ended with only two unsold dinners (1 chicken). That sort of precise serendipity seemed to be the flavor of the day. Everything went like clockwork, and smiling faces prevailed.

But, let’s not rest on our laurels (or our rhododendron)! The Old Home Day Committee will be meeting soon to review everything that happened, and to see how next year’s Old Home Week can be even better. To help in that process, we hope everyone who attended will take just a couple of minutes to fill out a short survey where you can tell us what you liked, and what could be better. And to really make a difference, consider helping out next year. Folks who would like to be more deeply involved should ask about serving on the Old Home Day Committee. For those with less time, please consider joining the volunteers who help out on the actual Old Home Day – keeping score, moving stuff around, helping cleanup. The survey will provide you the opportunity to indicate your level of interest.

And thank you Nelson Fire and Police Departments for being actively on site all day!

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Surprises in the Garden

Japanese beetles dining on bean leaves.

Even a veteran gardener like Val Van Meier can continue to be surprised by denizens of the garden ecosystem. You might say “with friends like this, who needs enemies,” but at the end of the day there’s a friendly tolerance, if not a total welcome. See what’s bugging Val .  .  .  

The Annual Nelson Farmer’s Market

Among the projects of the Nelson Agricultural Commission is hosting an annual Farmer’s Market, which brings local vendors together with eager customers who are exploring offerings of crafts, special creative projects from kids, and yes, flowers and vegetables! Also live music! This year’s Market will be on Saturday, September 10, from 9 a.m. to noon. This announcement serves as advance notice, but also a call for vendors: if you (or someone you know) would enjoy participating, please contact the Nelson Agricultural Commission at Booth space is $10, which is donated to the Nelson School. School-aged entrepreneurs (K through 12 grade) may exhibit for free!

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Trials of the Trails

A severe storm on Thursday afternoon, July 21, hit parts of Nelson particularly hard. The worst seems to have been in the northeast corner, where many large trees were knocked down on the hiking trails in that part of town. Members of the Trails Committee have surveyed the damage and begun the necessary cleanup. Hardest hit was the Bailey Brook Trail, leaving much of that pretty walk impassable. The trail should be considered closed for now. There are also many large downed trees on the Kulish Ledge and Holt Trails. Many hours of work will be required to restore unimpeded walking, but the trails are usable. If you’d be willing to join a work party to help with the cleanup, contact Rick Church at

The south side of Osgood Hill, Hurd Hill, and Blacktop have miles of beautiful walking with no downed trees on Ethan’s Way, the Holt Hill, Ridge and Wheeler Trails. All are easily accessible from the parking lot off Brickyard Road.

On the Road with Rich, Anne, Olive, and Everett

Back in the old days of small town community newspapers, there were often accounts of people who took trips away. We got a taste of this here at Nelson In Common last month with Val’s article about her cross-country trip. Rich Popovic is now sharing his travel blog about his trip with his wife Anne McBride and their kids Olive and Everett. Follow their journey . . .

Nelson In Common Annual Meeting ~ Saturday August 20 10 – 12. Click for Details. Get it on your calendar!