Nelson In Common Annual Meeting Recap

The Nelson In Common Board of Directors met on the morning of August 20. This was one of the first uses of the Nelson Community Meeting Space, in the Safety Building (Town Barn, Fire and Police Departments).

The first informal order of business was to admire and enjoy the scrumptious refreshments generously provided by Bev Largier, who writes our monthly Food and Bev column.

Patsy Beffa-Negrini from the Nelson Community Power Committee gave a presentation about progress being made. In short, this would provide a different way for Nelson residents to buy electricity, with the goal of lower costs and choices over how the power is generated. We have written about this earlier (see Nelson Community Power Looks for Your Insight), and we will continue to report as new developments occur.

More information is available from the Nelson Community Power website.

Police Chief Joe Filipi stopped in to talk about his work, and gave some comforting insights into how he approaches law enforcement. One message he’d like to get out is that if people are seeing an increased police presence with the cruiser visiting all parts of town, this is not because of problems, but rather an effort on his part to get to know the town better, and to have a more steadfast presence. Joe enjoys a good conversation, so if you see him passing by, don’t hesitate to wave hello and if he can, he’ll stop and pass the time of day with you.

A new project has been proposed for consideration: taking over the management of the book  Albert Duvall Quigley [1891-1961], Artist, Musician, Framemaker. This is a catalog of Quigley’s work which was produced to coincide with the Nelson Sestercentennial in 2017. The project will explore options for storing the remaining inventory of these books and, more important, options for selling and distributing them appropriately. If you would like to be part of the committee that will be pursing these, send a note to

More about the catalog .  .  .

We’re In Tents

Nelson In Common purchased a red pop tent which has already seen use at Old Home Day and Munsonville Market Day. This is available for Nelson-based groups who are hosting public events. Direct your requests to

Mesmerizing Moisture

Linda Singer is looking for the “Goldilocks” amount of rain: not too much, not too little. Right now we appear to be in too little mode, about which she tries to be both philosophical and flexible. She does capture some wonderful “moisture moments” with her wonderful photos. Dew drop in on the article .  .  .  

Musical Notes

Last Friday night there was a delightful concert featuring the cellist Rafael Popper-Keizer, and saxophonist Paul Klemperer. They each performed a set of music which featured diverse examples of music specific to their instruments. The evening then culminated with a duet, which until that moment had never been played (a testimony to the musical prowess of the performers). It was an arrangement Paul made of a traditional Ukrainian folk song, The Dream Passes By the Window. It’s a lovely piece of music and we’re delighted to share this recording made at the concert. Give yourself just under five minutes where you can sit peacefully and enjoy.  Click below.

Celtic Fiddle Rambles

Skip Gorman has released a four-CD set of over 140 fiddle tunes. This project was 8 years in the making, and includes tunes from Ireland, Scotland, French Canada, and New England. Many of these tunes which have been listened or danced to in the Nelson Town Hall. The recording features several musicians familiar to Nelson, including Gordon Peery on piano (full disclosure: Gordon is the editor of this website), Randy Miller, Jane Orzechowski, and the late David Surette. More information, including extensive liner notes and ordering, can be seen here.

Hear a sample by clicking on the audio link below. 

Space Needed

But really, not this much. Nelson In Common is looking for a relatively dry location to keep softball equipment and stuff that is used for the games on Old Home Day. The softball gear might want to be accessible for games other than just Old Home Day.

If you’ve got a corner (maybe 12 square feet) of your barn or basement that would be suitable and your willing, let us know: