Nelson In Common Update August 25, 2021

We’re very excited to report the launch of an ancillary website,

We’ve thought this was a good idea anyway, and that has been reinforced by many requests, so here we are. While creating this did not require huge technical resources, it took a while to figure out. We did not want to resort to something out of a box (there are many such community bulletin boards out there), since we would not have much control over features and functions. So while we come out of the gate with something that should be fairly easy to use and appropriate for many situations, we also have some flexibility to customize based on user input. Right now there’s not much content there,  but if you’ve got anything to list in any of the categories, go ahead and submit something. Give us your feedback / ideas. We predict soon this will be a busy place.

Last weekend Nelson In Common held its annual summer meeting (one of four board meetings in the course of the year). This was originally intended to be a festive public gathering, but in view of re-emerging Covid we decided to restrict it to a simple board meeting. Our first order of business was to formally elect three new board members, Jen Pepin, Ethan McBrien, and Emily Tucker. Each of them brings new energy and fresh perspective, and will no doubt enrich the organization in the months to come. Re-elected to three-year terms were Rick Church and Maury Collins. Most of the meeting focused on a general overview and informal strategizing.

Emily Tucker and Douglas

Ethan McBrien

Jen and Captain Dobby enjoying Granite Lake

<<< And yes, Ethan has a dog too, (Roses) but she’s just not shown here.

While no major initiatives were announced (no, we are not venturing into space travel), we were pleased to note some accomplishments and some projects to be thinking about. Facilitated by support from Nelson In Common, the Nelson Phone Directory Committee was able to produce the third edition of this valuable resource. This has been noted in recent articles here, but we’ll reinforce once more that the books are now printed and available at the Town Office and the Library. Please read here for more information on how to get your copy, and a list of all the great volunteers who put this together.

It’s premature to be thinking about events where people can gather, but such things are on our radar – hopefully for spring. And we’re continuing to gather information and people’s reminiscences about the Munsonville Store, which seems likely to lead to some programs and celebrations next summer.

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Saturday, August 28

Above: The Great Rock on Old Stoddard Road, with a touch of fall aster. 

On The Side

Nelson Small Talk

Big Words


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