Nelson In Common Update August 4, 2021

Nelson has been relatively fortunate with the recent rains. Our roads remained largely intact, and where damage occurred, it was quickly repaired. Not so every where. We do see that the Bailey Brook Falls, while still vigorous, is much more subdued than a week or so ago (see a video).  We are seeing some interesting and unusual things in and around the forests.

Shroomhenge, an ancient Celtic phenomenon that emerges here periodically.

Bailey Brook Falls

A few months ago we ran an announcement for  a new Writer’s Residency, to be sponsored by The Old Library. This  Residency is for emerging poets who require time and space for creative work. The original Olivia Rodham Memorial Library which sits up on a little knoll just off the Common, has in recent years come under the ownership and management of The Old Library, a NH non-profit dedicated to using the building for events that promote the arts and land conservation.

The residency provides the use of this building, as well as accommodation in the nearby historic former home of the poet, May Sarton.

Alec Hershman will be in the first “Writer in Residence” at The Old Library from this Sunday August 8th through Saturday August 14th.  He will be staying in the “May Sarton” house in the Village.  Friday,  August 13th there will be  a reception to meet him  (with appropriate Covid protocols in place).  There will also be a public reading on Saturday.   Times to be announced soon and should be posted on this website’s calendar.

Alec teaches writing and literature at Washtenaw Community College, and does community organizing projects with service industry workers in the Ann Arbor area. He earned his MFA at Washington University in St. Louis, and is the author of two volumes of poetry–Permanent and Wonderful Storage (2019), winner of the Robin Becker Chapbook Prize, and The Egg Goes Under (2017)both available from Seven Kitchens Press. His latest project is tentatively titled Spandrel: a Queer Ecopoetics. He lives with his husband and their two dogs in southeastern Michigan.

Below you’ll find a link to an article that starts with a look at Log Cabin Road. Meanwhile, there was some interesting activity going on along that road recently: Val Van Meier sent us this video. We think there’s a story there – so hopefully when we are back next week we’ll have more to tell.

Other articles for this week

Above: Nubanusit Lake , courtesy of Judi Lang

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