Nelson In Common Update December 15, 2021

Above: Tyler Rich and the new (work in progress) propagation house at Partners’ Gardens. 

The Archives Get a Boost

The town archives, which are meticulously curated by Bert Wingerson, reside in a secure room in the lower level of the Library. For several years Bert has managed to mount mini-exhibits in a glass case in the Town Office. But most people don’t spend much time there, and if one is there, it’s always to conduct some other business. The displays tended not to be noticed.

This has now been moved to the entryway joining the Library and the Town Hall, where it can been seen by people coming to the Library (and, eventually, to resumed Town Hall programs), but is also something you can just drop in on whenever the Library is open. See more details . . . 

Partner’s Gardens Project

The Center of Town may not be quite as bustling as it once was, but there’s plenty of enterprise going on. Up on Henderson Road Jenna and Tyler Rich (Partners’ Gardens) are constructing a propagation house – something they aim to have ready to start seeds in late winter. Check out the progress, and read more about it . . .

Otterly Fantastic

Moving from the past and the present to the future, the Nelson School is launching a campaign to have artist Wendy Klemperer create a sculpture depicting otters (the school mascot and neighbors). This is a multi-faceted project which will enhance learning opportunities and provide ongoing inspiration for students, faculty, and by extension, the whole community. They can use your help – check it out .  .  . 

In the Line of Duty

Here’s a story Rich Church brought home from Barry Tolman. It involves a house fire, a dog, and a stubborn woman. A precarious situation to be sure!  We hope this ignites your interest .  .  . 

Click on the fire for a special message. 

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On The Side

Solstice Anyone?

Nelson locals may be familiar with the annual Solstice Concert that the Monadnock Folklore Society presents every year on a Saturday in December. For the second year in a row, there will  be no in-person event.

However, if all goes well and the elves don’t misbehave, at some point on the weekend of December 18/19,  MFS will present the Annual Solstice Party as a collection of YouTube videos. Expect songs, dances, and perhaps an allegorical story about current events through the eyes of age-old characters.

Keep an eye on the Monadnock Folklore Society website or Facebook. Once the videos are published, they will remain available for watching anytime.


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