“I love all my family and all my friends, and I had a wonderful life.”

The last words of Priscilla Walter, spoken to her sons, Ralph and Jack, moments before she died on July 6, 2022, at age 99, on her way home from a large family reunion in Maine.

There will be a Celebration of Priscilla’s life at the farm on Saturday, September 17. Details will be provided closer to the date. 

The Return of the Ice Cream Social

The Nelson Town Band returned to the church lawn for the first time since 2019 for one of the (now legendary) ice cream socials. While the ice cream was quite tasty and satisfying, it was the word “social” that was most in effect on this perfect Sunday afternoon. Several “kids” who had grown up here and are now living away returned, with spouses and kids in tow. Old friends saw each other after a long absence, and some new acquaintances were made. Your editor approached someone he mistook for a friend he hadn’t seen for awhile, stopping just short of a hug. Nevertheless a friendly introduction and conversation ensued. Our new friend confessed that she was not from Nelson, but from Sullivan, and hoped it was okay to be enjoying this Nelson event. Of course! You can hear the Nelson Town Band on Old Home Day at noon, as you’re enjoying your chicken barbecue, or come back on Sunday, September 4, at 3 p.m. for the end-of-summer Ice Cream Social. People will still be happy to see each other then, and the band will have honed its chops even more on several other gigs over the summer.

Tractor trailers filled with garlic in Southern CA in mid-May!

On the Road with Val

It’s unusual for Nelson In Common to feature writing and photos about things that are not in Nelson. But once in a while, a little outside perspective is welcome. Val Van Meier and her husband Tom recently took a cross-country trip, and as agricultural things are always foremost in her mind, she made several observations about the kinds of farming that we don’t see here. Take the journey with Val .  .  .  

Time Marches On

Humans have been drawn to finding ways to measure time (the fancy word is “horology”) since, well, the dawn of it. In recent centuries the concept of a mechanical means of doing so – known as a clock – has been the primary device. Dan Craici, Nelson’s resident horologist, will be Artist in Residence in the Old Library (overlooking the Common) from Sunday, July 10 thru Saturday, July 23. He will be honing his craft and displaying his watches, and you are welcome to stop in to chat with him whenever you see the open banner at the Old Library.  There will be a reception on Saturday, July 23 – time TBA.

On The Ball

Nelson’s aspiring athletes may want to study the details, including some unique rules, for the upcoming softball game on Old Home Day, as this could impact your training criteria for this game, which serves as the official launch of the newly revived ball field. Touch base here .  .  .