Fifth Graders No More!

On Friday, June 17,  Nelson’s fifth grade class matriculated from the school where they have been so well nourished. We congratulate them on this accomplishment, and wish everyone well in Keene Middle School, or wherever their next school adventures await.

Noah Bunker
Kloe Carpenter
Abe Ginsberg
Aidan Howard
Joseph Hutchins
Phoebe Jenkins
Jazzlyn Lazzaro
Elowen LeMoine
Olive McBride
Alexis Nardello
Reid Paquette
Lily Pike
Shawna Willette

Nelson School Kids

Musical Ecology

Rich Popovic took inspiration from the 5th grade trip to The Ecology School in Maine, and, in collaboration with students, turned it into a song. You can read about the project, read the song lyrics, and yes – even listen to the song! .  .  .  

Favorite Things

Regular readers of Linda Singer’s Musings of a Nelson Gardener know she’s not short of enthusiasm for so many things. So what happens when she’s actually talking about her favorites?  See how her winters melt into springs! .  .  . 

Play Ball

The field is back. Created many years ago as an Eagle Scout project, and involving many community volunteers, the Nelson Ball Field served as a home for many regional softball games (there were leagues for kids, as well as pickup games). Shifting demographics meant there was no longer a league to officially use the field, and it fell into disuse. The Selec tBoard has taken on (again with volunteers) the restoration of this great community resource. Read about it – we think they’ve scored a hit! .  .  .  

The question is who’s up first.  It will be Old Home Day 2022, and someone will step up to home plate to be the first batter for the first game of the newly restored field. Who will this be?

John Wengler is the point person for this soon-to-be historic game. Are you planning to play, would you like to help? Maybe some advance scouting of the field to make sure everything is in order? Contact John: .  Let’s hit the ground running! 

Now, as to who’s on first, perhaps it’s been a while, or perhaps you’ve never seen it – this classic scene from Abbott and Costello, introduced in the late 1930’s and which became, and remains, legendary.