West Shore Road, Anyone?

You can’t get there from here – but soon!

Rebar – ready to roll!

The closure of the bridge on West Shire Road has presented challenges to residents in that part of town, but, to mix metaphors, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. The most recent culprit in delay was the supply-chain-related absence of the required rebar. That has now been resolved, and the Select Board is pleased to report that the contractor, KA Stevens & Son, assures us they are on target for an end of June opening. We know this will be exciting, but hope that not everyone tries to cross the bridge at once.

Underground Strategies for a Warming Climate

In her monthly column for the Nelson Agricultural Commission, Val Van Meier looks at things like adding microbes to the soil to stabilize its productivity in the face of warming trends. What do you think is going on in this photo? Find out .  .  .  

Work in Nelson

These signs are not uncommon these days, which is great for enterprising workers. Here in Nelson there are two job opportunities for the Town itself. There’s an opening for a part-time, certified police officer. Inquiries about this job can be directed Edie Drinkwater,  the town’s administrative assistant: 603-847-0047,
execadmin@nullnelsonnh.us .

The Town is also looking for a deputy town clerk. Contact Town Clark Karen Castelli: 603-847-9043, townclerk@nullnelsonnh.us

And we’ve got folks looking for lawn mowing services, gutter repair, and a typist. Visit the Help Wanted page on the Nelson In Common Bulletin Board to see details.

Hikers Beware!

Elizabeth Williams recently sent out this picture to fellow members of the Nelson Trails Committee. Though our trails don’t display such a sign, the general idea is one that we support – mostly. What component of this message do we not want to see happen? Click on the sign to find out.