Town Meeting

If we had taken a picture (which we foolishly neglected to do) of Town Meeting, you’d see about 50 people gathered, for the first time in two years, attending Nelson Town Meeting in the Nelson Town Hall. Moderator Lew Derby opened the meeting with a call for a moment of silence in remembrance of the many community members who we lost this year.

The Select Board ran through details of the most significant items in the Town Report, and then each article was presented and voted on. Most of the questions and debate centered on wording choices, and this became particularly animated (in a friendly spirit) in a discussion about Article 14, concerning the repair/replacement of the West Shore bridge. The question centered on whether the West Shore bridge was defined as a bridge or a culvert.

Ultimately all of the warrant articles were approved. They are available for review here. 

The bridge discussion has generated two follow-up items. First, a clarification (following a consultation with the Department of Revenue Administration) from the Select Board, so that we are now confident that Article 14 is now on solid ground.

You can read a memo from the Select Board for further detail .  .  ..

Said the Culvert to the Bridge

The discussion of bridge vs. culvert inspired John Wengler to write a poem on the subject. While his verse might be more meaningful if you were at Town Meeting, it actually stands fine on its own.

Read: Said the Culvert to the Bridge .  .  .

Fishing for An Answer

It’s amazing how long one can live in Nelson and not have noticed a unique architectural feature. In this case, it’s the fish weather vane that sets atop the Brick Schoolhouse. Sudden awareness of this inspired some speculation, and an idea.

See what direction this wind is blowing .  .  .