A Level-Headed Approach to Cemetery Design

The Nelson Cemetery Board is busy working on development of the new cemetery across the road from the existing cemetery. Three things need to be done before they can proceed with the design..

The Cemetery Board looking to borrow something like this for a couple of weeks.

1)      Delineate the space between cemetery property and the adjoining property. Harry Flanagan and Al Stoops walked the property, found the boundary markers, paced it off, and put up posts and flags marking the line across the middle of the field between the cemetery and Betsy Street’s property. You can see the red flags flying just above the snow.

2)      Test the water levels. Mike Tarr kindly dug several six-feet-deep test pits so that we can check the water levels in the spring. You can see the white poles sticking up from these pits in several places.

3)      Do an elevation map showing the contours of the property. Remember, it’s Nelson! Nothing is level. Gary Robinson has generously volunteered to prepare an elevation map for us. However, we don’t have the necessary equipment.

They need a laser level and target (shown above). Does anyone have this equipment that they would be willing to lend the Cemetery Board? Gary said that the project may take him a couple of weeks.  If you can help, please contact Linda Cates at lindacates@nullmindspring.com or call 827-3839. Thank You!

From the Nelson Agricultural Commission

Val Van Meier’s got spring fever. She explores both the cause and the cure in this month’s column.  She even puts in a kind word for okra. And, what is this Shiso .   .   .  ? 

Getting Down To Earth with Business

From the left: Tyler and Jenna Rich, Rachel Patterson, and several other local farm entrepreneurs.

Two Nelson farms recently had the opportunity to park their hoes and dig into the nitty gritty of the business side of farming. Jenna Rich of Partners’ Gardens and Rachel Patterson of Headwaters Homestead tell the story .  .  .  

Metal Helps Tell the Story

Last week Bill Dunn recounted how he discovered a cellar hole on his own property, thanks to his metal detector. Bill and his machine have also been pressed into service by Rick Church, who explores an early mystery relating to one Aaron Beal. Let’s travel back to 1769 .  .  .  

Last year’s town meeting was in tents! Nice to be back to the Town Hall in March.

Nelson Town Meeting

Our annual Town Meeting will be held this Saturday, March 12, starting at 10 a.m. in the Town Hall. Copies of the annual report are available at the town office and the library, or DOWNLOAD HERE.

Masks are preferred.

This year there is an option to view the  meeting through an online connection. It does not provide for participation or for voting, but it is a way to monitor the meeting. Use this link to log in just prior to 10 a.m.

Join with Google Meet: meet.google.com/ihd-fcnd-qki

Join by phone (US) +1 401-379-4284 (PIN: 675214660)

Organizer: meetings@nullnelsonnh.us – organizer

Have You Got A Burning Desire?

Perhaps you’ve got that winter brush pile you need to dispatch. The process for acquiring a burn permit is:

Send an email to execadmin@nullnelsonnh.us

with the following information

Address of burn
Phone number
Type of burn (brush, pit, grass, etc)

Your message will be forwarded to the Forest Fire Warden for approval.