Spring Into Action

Partners’ Gardens had their seasonal opening this past Saturday. It took only a cursory look around to see that opening day might in fact be almost a day of rest for proprietors Tyler and Jenna Rich: clearly they have been working hard all winter long. It was impressive to compare memories of where their farm was last year at this time.

Visit the Partners’ Gardens website.

Working From Home

This topic has seen a lot of air time in the last couple of years, and there is a lasting impact even as we have the potential to resume some pre-pandemic work styles. A few months ago Alan Rumrill, director of the Historical Society of Cheshire County, published an article in their newsletter, which we subsequently republished on the Nelson History web site. It remains relevant as we celebrate the creativity and ambition of today’s entrepreneurs.

Imagine an annual production of 8,638 hats for Reuel Nims’ Store? Find out more .  .  .  

A Home for Old Home Day

Nelson Old Home Day has been managed, as long as anyone can remember, by an ad hoc committee of volunteers. We are pleased to announce that at our recent Board Meeting, Nelson In Common voted to formally “adopt” the Old Home Day Committee. This allows for management of Old Home Day accounting within the Nelson In Common system, and also means that, for the first time, individuals (or organizations) can provide tax deductible donations in support of Old Home Day to Nelson In Common.

A few months ago a similar arrangement was made with the Nelson History Group, which had been in a similar situation of having no formal structure, and no means for community members to provide support.

From our donations page, once you activate the PayPal process you’ll see a choice if you would like to target your donation to one of these projects. Doing so not only provides support – it gives us an idea of what the priorities of the community are. Thank you for considering .  .  .  

Wishes Hidden in the Grass

Amy Zydanowicz spent some happy summer hours at the family farm in the northwest corner of Nelson. Her memories eventually came together in a children’s book. She had the good fortune to collaborate with her aunt, Fran Guida, who had experienced similar summers at the farm, and who has provided some very Nelson-flavored illustrations for the book. Read the story about the story .  .  .