Nelson In Common Update November 17, 2021

On the Ski Hill at Tolman Pond

With the white stuff that appeared on the hills of Nelson a few days ago, we can no longer be in denial that winter is here. For some folks, their toes are actually  beginning to quiver with excitement as they anticipate getting tucked into ski boots. Of course this then necessitates some travel.  But did you know that nearly 100 years ago one of the first “ski areas” was right here in Nelson? This story was written about 10 years ago by the late Karen Tolman, and this version has been modestly adapted from the Nelson History website. We know you’ll enjoy the story, and there are some fabulous photos as well.

Read the story .   .   . 

Make A Contribution to Nelson In Common

Nelson in Common emerged last April as a new incarnation of Moving in Step, a non-profit established in 2009. While it is currently manifested primary through this website, there are other components. The Black Fly Quarterly is a print newsletter that has filled the space created by the termination of the Grapevine 2. The recently published Nelson Phone Directory was facilitated by support from Nelson In Common, which is also the sponsor of the very active Nelson Trails Committee. At our recent board meeting we reviewed a forthcoming policy regarding offering grants to individuals and projects related to things pertaining to the interest of our community. This week (and next) we are making an appeal for support. Our efforts to date have drawn a lot of positive comments from people, and a few spontaneous donations. A major annual fund-raising campaign at this time of year will allow us to go into the coming year with some idea of what resources we will have to work with. Financial support is of course fundamental to any organization, and we hope you will find it in your heart (and wallets) to make as generous a contribution as possible.

With Paypal you may securely pay with any major credit card.

Or send a check to Nelson In Common
409 Old Stoddard Rd.
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Support also comes in the form of participation: sharing stories, photos, or simply ideas. For that you can connect with us at

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The V Team

Vaccination Clinic a Success

The Greater Monadnock Public Health Network offered a free COVID-19 vaccination clinic at the Nelson Town Hall on Saturday, November 13.

The results were successful:  36 Pfizer boosters, 1 first dose Pfizer, 1 J&J, 2 kids Pfizer pediatric. Thanks to everyone who participated.

We like to believe that posting this notice is superfluous, but just in case:

Starting November 1, 2021 through April 15, 2022 any vehicle parked on any Class V roadway or any Town Right-of-way in the Town of Nelson, NH during snow and ice removal operations will be towed. Vehicle owners will be responsible for all resulting towing and storage charges.

From Granite Lake to Nelson

Wendy Wollaeger takes us on a trek which starts out on the eastern side of Granite, and ends up – where else, but Nelson Village. A beaver pond is involved.

Read the travelogue.

Meanwhile, on the west side of Granite Lake . . .

The Bridge is Out, and So Is the Verdict

The bridge at the beginning of West Shore Road on Granite Lake remains closed.

The Road Agent, Select Board, and engineers are still assessing the situation and hope to have more information soon about what will be required to make the bridge passable.

The Nelson Congregational Church Food Pantry Update

Greetings from Nelson Congregational Church!  The holiday season is certainly upon us and as we prepare to enjoy our favorite holiday traditions in the company of family and friends, for most of us this will involve lots and lots of eating! For many the cost of food and gifts are prohibitive. Please read further about what the Nelson Congregational Church has done with its food pantry, and also a request for more input from the community about how we can more effectively serve those in need.

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On The Side

Coming Soon

The Nelson In Common Music Hall

A regularly updated online showcase for the many musicians in Nelson.

Here Today

A new song by Party of the Sun.

Granite Lake T-Shirts

3 – youth large
Ladies sizes: 5 – medium. 5 –  2XL
Men’s sizes: 1 – XL. 10 – 2XL, 12 – 3XL

There are a bunch of the really big ones. But you don’t have to be that size to enjoy it as a night shirt, or some other creatively casual wardrobe application. 

All proceeds benefit the Granite Lake Association
To order, contact
Sharon Iagulli. 617-784-2275,

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