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Nelson Farmer’s Market

Coffee, homemade cinnamon buns and garlic scented the air this past Saturday morning while lively fiddle tunes lightened the steps of visitors and vendors. Neighbors visiting and children’s laughter, mixed with the hum of shoppers conversing over fresh vegetables, Jess Hutchins creations, origami, cupcakes, honey and spices. This lovely mix was topped off with a family-centered contra dance called by the Nelson Community Strings teacher Amy Cann. Amy then seamlessly transitioned into a plug for the Strings program which should be starting soon. The Nelson PTO provided a nice spread of burgers, dogs, and tasty salads.

Watch and listen to this short video of the dance.

Read more about the Nelson Community Strings Program

The Town Taps Into Some Major Funding

It’s not what you’d call a windfall, because it wasn’t the wind blowing, but rather the perseverance of the town’s administrative assistant, Edie Drinkwater, that has resulted in significant dollars for several town projects. Select Board Chair Brenna Kucinski reports .  .  .   

As the Worm Turns

Rumors have begun circulating in the horticultural world about a new (to the area) type of worm which appears initially to have few redeeming qualities. Val Van Meier has the dirt on this creature .  .  .  

Sacred Ally Quilt Ministry, a 2021 grant recipient, for their work in racial justice

Garrett-Larsen Social Justice Fund

The Nelson Congregational Church’s Garrett-Larsen Social Justice Fund is open for applications for 2022, due by October 31. This has been a very successful and well-received endeavor, giving the Church the opportunity for engagement with the broader community.  Read more details including information about the application process .  .  .