Stretching Summer

No one wants summer to end. By many accounts it was a great summer, and even the drought has, if not been alleviated, at least tempered. Folks enjoyed the opportunity to socialize, and here in Nelson there was lots to do: starting with the Artisans Craft Fair, Old Home Week, Munsonville Market Day, Ice Cream Socials and Nelson Town Band Concerts, and more. How do we hang onto summer? One way is by extending events – in this case the wonderful Paint Out Exhibit at the Old Library, which is now going to be open this Saturday from 10 – 12. Featuring the work of ten local artists, each painting depicts land in Nelson which is held in conservation. If you missed it last weekend – here’s your chance! Read more details .  .  .  

The Wright Stuff

At the Library, Saturday 10 – 11:30 a.m., architect Bill Waterston will give a talk about the restoration of a Frank Lloyd Wright residence in Manchester.  This was one of seven Usonian Automatic homes created by Wright. This talk is sponsored by the Olivia Rodham Memorial Library. Read more details .  .  . 

Local poet (among other things) John Wengler could not resist this little tease:

“An Ode to Frank Lloyd Wright”

Frank Lloyd Wright

Two L’s and three names
World renowned architect
Genius from the Plains
You know one
When you see one
Flat roofs, square panes
Looking at is fun
But living in a Wright
Can be restricting
So his works remain
Mostly in historic districting

Farmer’s Market, Strings Attached

This girl from Ireland would love to know that there are kids in Nelson who are playing the violin / fiddle.

Amy Cann (click on the pic to read more about Amy and the Strings program).

Yet another activity for this weekend is the annual Nelson Farmer’s Market. In addition to a variety of vendors (food and crafts), and a burger barbecue sponsored by the PTO), there will be an opportunity to learn about the Nelson Community Strings Program. Director Amy Cann will be on hand to talk about it, a conversation enhanced by having a short contra dance with real fiddle music!

The Nelson Strings program was developed several years ago, as a nod to Nelson’s musical legacy related to contra dancing, and to the presence of Apple Hill, a world-class chamber music organization right here in Nelson. As with many things,  this has been in hiatus for a couple of years, and it’s exciting to see it coming to life again.

During the morning (starting around 10) there will be live music featuring fiddler Nat Backes, with Gordon Peery on piano. Anyone who wants to play along with their repertoire of contra dance tunes is invited to join them. At noon the music pivots to support the contra dance.

The Market opens at 9 a.m.  at the Nelson School. More details here .  .  .