A Revolutionary Find

How often we’ve heard that what we are looking for is right in our own back yard. Bill Dunn had been looking for a cellar hole, which proved elusive, until he accidentally discovered some items that indicated that there must have been one. Going back to the earliest days of Nelson (then Monadnock Number 6) settlement. Get the scoop on Bill’s lucky find .  .  . 

Barry Tolman: A Profile

While there’s no evidence (and not likely to be), it’s not unreasonable to speculate that about the time that the artifacts Bill Dunn found were being left here, the ancestors of Barry Tolman were settling into town as well. The Tolman’s have been fixtures in the Nelson story since Revolutionary times. Betsy Street managed to spend some time with Barry recently, and while we all know it’s just the tip of the iceberg, she has produced a great profile that looks to both past and future.

Catch up with Barry .  .  .  

Editors Note: This article appeared in the recent issue of the Black Fly Quarterly. It appears here with a few more photos. 

Helping Afghan Refugee Families in Keene

The Nelson Congregational Church is leading a local fundraising effort to help set up a kitchen with basic equipment and staple foods for two Afghan refugee families coming to Keene soon, possibly later this week. The Garrett-Larsen Social Justice Fund at the church has offered to match the first $300 donated in the congregation and community. Click here to the Church website for more information and the opportunity to make a donation. 

For more information about this project contact Judi Lang:


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