Nelson has been cited as the first New Hampshire Town to hold what has now become Old Home Day, a celebration that happens in many towns throughout the state.

Parke Struthers wrote a great account of this annual event which was first published in the Grapevine (Nelson’s former print newsletter) in 1993. You can read it here on the Nelson History website. 

Back in the day – Edgar Seaver conducts the Chesham Band.

Old Home Week 2022

Capture the Flag

August 4 @ 7:00 pm

This timeless and extremely fun game comes to life on the Common. 

Song Cirlce

August 5 @ 7:00 pm

Join other Nelson folk in sharing songs around a circle. Come with a song to share, a song to teach. Rounds, pub songs . . . Singers and listeners all welcome. Questions? editor@nullnelsonincommon.org

Old Home Day

August 6

Nelson Old Home Day resurfaces with some favorite activities from past years, as well as some new ingredients.

Two musicians with unique ties to Nelson will be featured in a double-billing at the Town Hall on Friday, August 19.

Get Involved!

Help in advance planning, or just to be on site to help with specific events.

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