Stepping Up, Stepping Out

Seven Nelson School students have moved up to middle school at the end of this school year. This small but mighty group leaves a large gap in our school. Briana, Brooke, Catie, Liam, Mason, and Wren have been together since they all started Kindergarten here six years ago. Jake joined the class last year in September of fourth grade, three days before we left for the Ecology School in Maine, and he instantly fit right in.

Briana’s passion is cheerleading, but she also loves anime, animals, video games, and reading.

Brooke loves math, drawing and playing softball.

Catie likes arts and crafts, training her dogs, and math.

Jake is a tech guy who likes video games, anime, fanart, and board games. His favorite subject is science. Liam likes playing football and soccer, Dungeons and Dragons, likes history and spelling.

Mason likes cars, wrestling, football, and hanging out with his dog Otis. He also plays drums and enjoys history.

Wren enjoys playing outside, hiking, reading, playing the trumpet, and is an advocate for social justice.

These young scholars are some of the kindest and most caring people you could ever hope to meet. They truly take care of each other and work to include everyone — which has been especially challenging during the last year and a half of physical distancing and remote learning. Students help classmates study their vocabulary words, cheer each other on when they do well, and provide support when someone is upset. They have been flexible with their learning and easily transitioned to learning outdoors.

This is also a crew of students who work hard and want to be successful. They are eager to learn, share insightful connections during class discussions, and have continued to grow and learn, despite the challenges of learning during a pandemic, in a variety of different ways.

This year they started the year studying Women’s Suffrage in recognition of the 100th anniversary of the adoption of the 19th Amendment. This unit led to a study on the history of voting rights in the United States. Students put together public service announcements about the importance of voting. This winter, students did a major research project about an important invention that helped to meet a need in society. Students designed posters to educate their peers about the invention itself and the person who invented it. Earlier this spring, students started seeds indoors and have been taking care of their flower and vegetable plants which they are looking forward to transplanting outdoors soon. Recently, students used their knowledge of measurement, data, and opinion writing to write a proposal to the principal requesting permission to build a raised garden bed at the school that they could use to grow plants. They shared their plans, materials that would be needed, and where they would get their supplies. This class enjoys hands-on projects, and working together on learning activities, so some of these topics were their favorites from the year.

We wish these young people well with all their future pursuits.

~ Kelsey Kilburn Principal, Nelson Elementary School

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