Nelson School Earth Day Activities

Written by the fifth grade class

Painted Stones ~ Creativity from Nelson Kindergarteners

In Nelson Elementary School on April 22nd, Earth Day, the Kindergarten class painted rocks and put them in a sculpture for all of Nelson School! (The rest of the school did too) They also went around the school picking up trash.

Both of the 1-2 classes made peanut butter and seed bird feeders and they also participated in the Rock placing. They also went on an adventure searching for trash! All the students got to make rocks for themselves too! Some made pet rocks, some made pretty pictures!

Ms. Kleczka’s third grade class went on a walk on the trail across from the school. While on their walk they saw lots of cool stuff like old mill pieces and lots of other cool things. They also only found 1 piece of trash which is a very good thing and picked it up. Ms. Kleczka’s class also found an outdoor learning spot behind the school. And finally placed their decorative message rocks.

Mrs. Roaches 4th grade class went on a walk around Granite Lake for Earth Day. They were gone for 2 hours and had a little snack along the way. They helped so much on Earth day by cleaning up around the whole lake! They found so much trash it filled up at least 4 grocery bags! We should really thank them for helping the earth while going on a relaxing walk. So if you see one of them say thanks!

Nelson School did a big project by finding rocks and painting them. Some gave people motivation about things by giving helpful messages others might have made pet rock or let their imaginations flow with the paint brushes on to the rock and made a pretty image and we all put them somewhere around our school, but Nelson 4th grade put theirs around Granite lake. Nelson School did that to spread happiness on Earth day.

The Nelson school 5 grade class went for a walk/ roadside cleanup by the school. They walked from the school to the cemetery on a quest for trash. They picked up cans, lids, cigarettes and much more. When we got to the Munsonville Cemetery we found discarded flower pots that we threw away. We got an overflowing bag of trash.

Back in March we started seeds inside like peppers, daisies, tomatoes, parsley, sugar snap peas, marigolds and basil. The sugar snap peas are getting too big so we are working on planning a garden.

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