On the Hill Above Nelson School

~ Kathy Schillemat

My house is up on the hill above Nelson School and I can often hear the children playing outside when I am home during the week. When my children were younger, if they went down to the playground, I could actually cup my hands and yell to them when it was time for supper.

Last Wednesday, I happened to be home in the morning and was hanging clothes on the line when morning announcements came on. I can hear every word as the loud speaker broadcasts outside as well as in the school building. Two students lead the school in the Pledge of Allegiance, share announcements, tell a joke for the day, and finish with a rousing “Go, Otters!”

It is a great joy to eavesdrop on Nelson students as they begin their day at the school that gave each of my children a strong and healthy start.


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Cemeteries are a wonderful place of quiet calm and the surroundings are perfect for meditation and contemplation.  On a warm spring day I was walking among the souls in the Munsonville Cemetery and came across the final resting place of one of my great aunts.

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We think that the northern part of heaven lies down a stretch of dirt road that leaves the paved Harrisville Road in southwestern New Hampshire.

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