Meeting Greta

~Val Van Meier

Photo courtesy of Patty Blanchard

Out for a lovely morning walk the last day in June, I had the pleasure of meeting Nelson’s newest resident, Greta. She had just moved to Nelson the previous day and was anxious to explore. Not wanting to wait for a Monday hike to occur, she headed out to run on our roads and check out the woods. As the day progressed I heard tell of her in the village, Center Pond, and even on Nelson Road.

It became clear that Greta had a fondness for the quiet of the Nelson cemetery, as she visited several times. I wonder if there are truffles yet undiscovered amongst the gravestones? Wherever Greta went, excitement followed. In fact, she was followed by many people and even a dog. After a night out on the town, Greta was finally convinced with the help of a few people to return to her home to the Blanchards’ fine pigpen, where she is dreaming of her next adventure while resting her head on sweet hay.